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Soul Fire Productions offers a variety of workshops to support the variety of needs regarding sex and sexuality. Each workshop is based on an educational approach so that the participants leave with useful tools to communicate, understand, and/or engage sexually. 


Brave Conversations: This is an empowering workshop for parents to learn how to handle that BIG TALK with your kids.  Focus on open communication and bringing it into your home. Parents will walk away with:

•  a creative way to approach that tough conversation

•  tools and dialogue to keep the conversation going

•  more confidence and courage to talk about sex with your kids!


A Girl's Magic: Girls and Mothers gather to learn more about how their bodies function. This workshop is brought right to your home for comfort and ease of communication. Mothers and daughters bond over the most precious topic! Help girls learn about menstruation from a creative, age-appropriate perspective. Mothers will leave with information on how to continue the conversation while girls leave with a goody bag for success during this transition!


*More workshops will be offered soon. Please watch here for upcoming workshop dates.