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Soul Fire Productions and Heather Hillenbrand support people to have tough conversations with partners, kids, and teens about sex, sexuality, and relationships.


 Hi! I'm Heather.

I believe it is every person’s birth rite to have the knowledge, support, freedom, and understanding about sexuality.  When I started my journey to heal my sexual identity, I had no idea how far it would take me. My whole life blossomed. Everything changed. I suddenly saw the world and my role in it as integral as opposed to disconnected. Where I felt ugly, I discovered I was beautiful. All the parts that didn’t make sense - the missing pieces, they came back to me. I was able to come out as bisexual. I am able to be more free and natural with who I am. 


Through healing this part of myself, I realized everyone deserves the chance to heal. Our culture has not been set up to provide well-rounded, comprehensive sex education. Many parents feel unequipped as to what to say to their children as they mature sexually. Instead of positive messages about sex, it is often learned through fear, repression, suppression, and/or shame.

A Girl's Magic assists parents with the ‘tough’ conversation about the transformation girls experience from ages 7 - 12.



Sessions are rooted in an education; where knowledge is power and the client is the guide of what they want to learn.


A Girl's Magic assists parents with the ‘tough’ conversation about the transformation girls experience from ages 7 - 12.



Heather is available to speak on the topic of sexuality at private and public events. Bring her to your organization or event to support sex education and understanding for this new world.


Soul Fire Productions offers a variety of workshops to support the variety of needs regarding sex and sexuality. 

Karen Lucas

I brought the copies of your book that you signed for my granddaughters. Tonight, six-year-old Faith read it to me. She loved it! She loved the pictures, how the bicycle changed, and she did a beautiful job sounding out the unfamiliar words. And it was such a lovely, sweet experience for me. Thank you!

Sharon Maloney, PhD in Women's Studies

Heather, I think it is truly beautiful how you have captured and reveal the ‘magic’ of being female in this book. I can imagine it being used by mothers and daughters as a sacred teaching guide. I have to say what a stunningly beautiful job you have done with this book! It is truly a work of art – on so many levels. The artwork is graceful and lush, the metaphors are evocative and it drew me into an altered state by following its flow. 

Rachel Dellinger

Regarding a talk I gave on the Importance of Sex Education: "Girllllll!!!!! You were amazing last night! You blew my mind, your presence, passion, and power were so palpable! You were a rock star up there! Thank you for the work you are doing in the world! You are an inspiration!" 

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